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tribute to The Harvester building

during my restauranteur days, about every five years, I would get the bug to move to a new downtown location…just like goldilocks, it was hard to find the right fit, one was too big, one was too small, but when I moved into The Harvester building, it was just right...all five spots were special to me, but there was something exceptional about this building

it was built in 1910 to house offices and warehouse farm equipment for the International Harvester company…in May of 1917, explosions were heard coming from the building…shortly afterward, the entire second floor was overtaken by flames…story has it that German spies were riding the rails setting fires to building that may be helping the war effort…the arsonists were later caught in Minnesota and confessed to their crimes

the foundation was found to be safe, so she was rebuilt and back to business within a year’s time…The Harvester has since been the home to many residents on the top three floors and various businesses on the main level…and I was proud to be one of them

this illustrious history, along with the warmth of the massive beams and old wooden floors, set the scenario for The Market, my farm-to-table eatery and wine/cheese shop…there were two spacious floors and a brick garden patio that welcomed our guests…the customer chatter and open kitchen brought life to the stone walls

room of a restaurant with wood floors, walls lined with wine racks
the eatery and wine shop section of The Market

we shared the first floor with a couple different businesses, but when JuLiana’s Boutique La Femme moved in, I gained more than new neighbors, a lasting friendship blossomed with owners, Julie & Lana…but, this only made my decision to retire more difficult, it would be hard enough to leave this building that brought me such comfort and joy, but I also would be giving up my daily hug from the girls

when my book, Nostalgic Feast, was published, the owners of The Harvester and JuLiana’s, hosted a grand reception, and what a spectacular event it was…through the years we have been each other’s biggest supporters…my car even automatically turns into the parking lot when driving down 6th street, so I continue to visit just about every week

two shelves displaying nostalgic chef book, postcards, wooden spoons, jars of herbs and art prints

JuLiana’s has graciously carried my book during the past year…now that my offerings have expanded to postcards, herb blends, and art prints, they have offered a full display of my work…you no longer have to wait for me to be a vendor at one of the art shows

3 women standing next to retail display
me with Lana and Julie

if you’ve never been in their boutique, they offer a shopping experience that is befitting of The Harvester…the old-world charm serves as a compliment to the newest in fashion and accessories…even if it’s your first visit, Julie and Lana treat you like you’ve been best friends forever

I hope you stop down to The Harvester and experience just a little bit of the love I felt there…enjoy shopping at JuLiana’s or have an innovative dinner at The Harvester Kitchen by Bryan, the restaurant that moved into and renovated my old space

who knows, you may just find me there hanging with the girls…heck, I’ll probably be with Ron, the resident ghost, in my afterlife

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