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sunshine & coffee: La Luna Cafe

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

so often, when someone says, “let’s go out sometime!”, we immediately think of dinner or lunch…but what about breakfast? today, I joined a friend at La Luna Cafe to do just that…located on the boardwalk of The Cascade building in uptown Sioux Falls, there is ample parking in the area and is close to Falls Park for a lovely stroll to walk off your coffee buzz

woman seated at table having coffee poured for her
perfectly brewed cup of french pressed coffee

when you enter the door, you are greeted with a smile as you approach the counter where you'll order off the large chalkboard menu…the room is brightly lit, accented with colorful local art installations…a variety of seating allows you to pick a comfortable spot that fits your needs: stools run along a bar top that spans the picturesque windows, perfect for gazing at the lovely view outside...there are stuffed chairs around a coffee table for friendly chatter, or nice café tables to spread out and enjoy a light's very cozy, with periodic peeks of the sunshine and the hum of happy conversation that flows over perfectly brewed cups of coffee

the owner, Salvador Jaimes, brought my French press to the table, his passion for the restaurant was evident; I later learned that he and his wife Edith had previously owned restaurants in their native El Salvador

the food was delightful, perfectly sized portions with the option of half moon or full…my friend ordered the bacon sunrise breakfast pizza with cheese, bacon, onion and a garnish of egg yolk…I enjoyed the green eggs and ham, an open-faced sandwich gooey with cheese, bacon, eggs, and avocado mash

after a pleasant experience, I could start my day with a smile on my face…surprise someone you love to La Luna’s cheerful atmosphere and tasty tidbits

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